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Talk to the expert

I just wanted to talk to people that are interested in living and working in particular regions, or countries, or cities, or places in Africa. Please reach…

What are you struggles when it comes to recruitment?  

Are you a hiring manager that has hired candidates with 10-15 years of experience, who brought their family out to Africa? I am sure schooling fees were…

Employer brand on social media

I am so happy these live events are back and so we are back to networking and meeting people face to face. The other week I was…

Why is using a recruiter exclusively better than using multiple recruiters?

When a company needs to fill a position fast, they turn to several recruitment agencies at the same time, on the assumption that their problem will be…

Financial professionals in the African market

Since financial professionals are basically needed in any sector, they are always ‘in demand’. At JobnetAfrica we have recruited multiple CFO’s, financial controllers etc. throughout the years…

Contingent and exclusive recruitment: the difference for you

Have you ever been in a situation where you offered a candidate a contract and then the candidate came back to you and informed you he signed…

3 Tips for sourcing great candidates for tough African locations  

How do you find enough great candidates for that critical role in your organization in tough/remote locations like for example Mali, Chad or Burkina Faso, so you…

Types of contracts

One of the main questions we get during our briefings calls with prospect clients is ‘what do we actually pay this candidate’? Because we’re also trying to…

Value adding in the agro supply chain

Most companies we deal with are active in the agro supply chain, really from farmer to fork, in Africa. What we see more and more is that…

Supporting growth and success in the African market

We are passionate about supporting the growth and sustainability of people, companies and our continent. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to uncover hidden gems who can make a significant impact on organisations operating in Africa.

Our people stay up-to-date with the latest developments, regulatory frameworks, and emerging opportunities and aim to connect companies active on the African continent with the best senior local and global professionals. We are committed to providing exceptional service, building lasting partnerships, and driving success for both clients and candidates.

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