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Employer brand on social media

Posted on 20 septembre, 2023 by Jobnet Africa

I am so happy these live events are back and so we are back to networking and meeting people face to face.

The other week I was actually attending a networking event, and somebody was telling me that they were sourcing somebody to come and work with them in Burkina Faso, but they were unable to interest the people that they were really interested in. And, besides Burkina Faso maybe being a difficult to source for, also this company didn’t really have an employer brand strategy.

So, even the people that they were reaching out to didn’t get back to them, or didn’t want to work for them, which could possibly be because they didn’t have a clue who the employer was. My advice is obviously to have your website as your main tool for your employer branding. Add a tab maybe where you explain what type of employer you are, what your values are, what you stand for, what your passion is.

Perhaps you can even add some videos or testimonials of people that are already working with you, just so that when reach out people can actually look you up and get a feel of who you are as an employer.

But, most importantly, please be online on social media. That is where people find you, that is what people want to see. They want to see that you have a presence on social media.

Again, when you approach them, or you apply with you, that’s the first thing they look for. And if they can’t really find anything there, that is consistent or that tells them who you guys are as an employer, it’s going to be very difficult to attract talent.

So, my advice again, be on social media, as an employer, creating your employer brand. If you want to know more about employer branding or recruitment in Africa, let me know, we can jump on a call. Send me an email at and we’ll reach out.


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